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All We Want For The New Year

Throughout December, the giving season, we hear a lot about giving and getting involved in worthy charities, but it is also a time of year when we are busy and distracted with other commitments.
January is the month for renewal; renewed commitments, renewed energy, renewed focus. To follow up from our All We Want For Christmas campaign, when we told you about great ways to give, we are excited to introduce a new campaign: All We Want For The New Year.
Consider this campaign your New Year’s resolution guide.

  • Endeavour: When it comes to the charitable sector, volunteer opportunities abound. You can choose to volunteer for one full day, an hour each month, or anywhere in between. If you want to lend your well-honed consulting skills, without joining a board, consider Endeavor. They provide professional consulting services for nonprofits with a top-focused goal; improve organizational capacity. Volunteers with Endeavour can take an organization from getting by to performing exceptionally –using their full capacity, stretching their donor’s dollars, and serving their community with excellence. To learn more about the volunteers they’re currently looking for, visit


  • RESULTS Canada: This is one of my favourites! RESULTS fights to end poverty by getting vocal, literally. Each month, volunteers attend a two-hour Educate and Action meeting where they learn all about a current issue related to poverty. The information volunteers receive is succinct, thorough, and well-cited. Volunteers are then given an action, typically writing a letter to an MP or Minister, getting active on social media, or writing a letter to a newspaper editor. At the end of the two hours, volunteers have everything they need, even a draft of their letter and the address where it will be sent. RESULTS is great at aligning their campaigns with what is going on in the world, like a G8 meeting or Federal budget so the actions taken by volunteers get a lot of traction.  See for yourself with this month’s action:


  • CanadaHelps: Want to just give money? Check out CanadaHelps. They exist to help (typically small) charities receive donations online. It’s a go-to place if you want to give and don’t really know to which charity. Whenever there is a crisis, CanadaHelp posts a list of active charities. A great feature is the Personalized Discovery. Here you can type in the name of a charity you care about and a list will generate of other similar charities. You just may learn about some great organizations:


  • Do It Yourself: If you are not involved in the nonprofit industry you may not know certain things about how they operate. For example, do you know how much time a nonprofit spends trying to get noticed on social media, without a budget? Getting likes, shares, or better yet, conversations started about an awareness or fundraising campaign takes a lot of time. And then Facebook goes and changes our newsfeeds so we see more family and friends content! Ugh! If there is a cause you are passionate about, find the organizations involved in that cause (possibly use the tool from yesterday’s post), then help them spread their word. Follow, like, share, and engage with what they post. This kind of free advertising can really help a nonprofit out.

I hope this list encourages you, whatever your ability, skill, or level of commitment, to participate in the world that lies beyond your comfort zone.