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Arts & Culture

In a city like Toronto there are so many different things happening in the world of arts and culture. Although there are a few organizations that are able to make a profit from performing arts, most do not. In fact, some even fundraise to be able to sustain their work. The Canadian Opera Company and the Royal Ontario Museum are examples of organizations that present various types of artistic displays and also fundraise to cover their operating costs. This is probably a good place to clarify the difference between a nonprofit (interchangeable with not-for-profit) and a charity. A nonprofit, is simply that, its mandate is not to turn a profit but earn just enough to sustain its work. A charity collects money for its redistribution to a specific cause or community of people.

There are also charities established as foundations and give money through grants to various people, groups and events. In Canada, both the Federal and Provincial Governments have organizations set up for the purpose of providing grants. The Toronto Arts Foundation allows government agencies, corporations and individuals to make a donation. The money is then redistributed to a wide range of people and programs.

There are other cultural organizations tend to focus on the different ethnicities represented in Canada. This includes organizations that celebrate traditions, ancestry, language, or national identity. The Institute for Canadian Citizenship offers new citizens a cultural access pass. This provides free admission to events and exhibits across the country for one year.

So, when it comes to the sector of arts and culture, most organizations are nonprofit, some also fundraise and some receive grants from various foundations, including all three levels of government.

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