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Environment and Animal Welfare Based Organizations

In March there was Earth Hour, April 22nd will be Earth Day and May hosts Bike-to-Work Month. In fact, all year-round there are different initiatives raising awareness for various environmental concerns, all led by different groups. So, who are these groups and how are their causes differentiated?

When it comes to environmental organizations a few national, well established ones stand out. They are the David Suzuki Foundation, the Sierra Club of Canada, the Nature Conservatory of Canada, the World Wildlife Fund Canada and Greenpeace Canada. Although each achieve their mission in different ways and focus on different types of projects, they all share the common bond of protecting and conserving the planet’s natural environment. Beyond these five, there are hundreds of other environmental organizations within Canada that have more specific targets such as geographical region or element of nature, (for example air quality, climate change or fresh water). One of the largest organizations within this category is Ducks Unlimited Canada, which seeks to conserve, restore and manage wetlands for the habitation of waterfowl.

Similar to the majority of environmental groups, animal welfare organizations tend to narrow their focus. For example, they are either an association or sanctuary for a specific species of animal or they are a rescue shelter within a designated region. The two national organizations that are not limited by animal species and are nationwide are the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and the Humane Society of Canada Federation. The SPCA has shelters around the world and the Humane Society of Canada Federation has regional member agencies across Canada. Both advocate on behalf of animal welfare.

Whether your passion is in the air, under water or something in between, finding an organization that shares your passion about the environment, species of animal (or breed of dog for that matter) can be easily achieved through a quick online search. For more information about where to look, feel free to contact us at

Here are some upcoming events:
The CN Tower Climb for WWF Canada, April 21, 2012
Earth Day, April 22, 2012
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