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Identifying Opportunities: Giving While Saving

Our intention to donate usually far outweighs our practice, both personally and professionally. But the solution to giving more doesn’t have to be overly complicated. It can simply mean giving better. Sometimes the most beneficial way a company can contribute positively to their community can actually benefit their bottom line.

The old adage one person’s garbage is another person’s treasure is especially true for a Toronto based junk removal company. A little while ago, a company that I worked for closed down. When the junk removers came into disassemble and remove the cubicles I asked where they would be going. “To the dump” was the answer. Some of the cubicles hadn’t even been used –and now they were garbage. Knowing what valuable commodity office furniture is for organizations with tight budgets, I knew the cubicles could have been used elsewhere. However, that would require someone, probably me, to call a number of places to find who could use the cubicles, then arrange for delivery and maybe even provide set up.

Services in Action, a resource centre for charities, has built a partnership with other junk removers to address this problem. Each day they pick up unwanted items from businesses and homes. When they come across items that are gently used, they refer to a list of the current needs outlined by local shelters and community centres. If the item is not needed right away, they can put it in their storage facility. One of the most difficult steps for charities managing in kind donations is finding a truck to pick up or drop off items, something the junk removal company can do very easily. And what’s in it for the junk removers? They can reduce their dump fees and keep gently used items from going to landfills.

When you are deciding how corporate social responsibility fits into your strategy, talk to local charities to learn more about what they do and how they could benefit from something you are already doing. Critically evaluate what you do, what you produce, and who could benefit.

To help you evaluate and understand what you have to offer, contact us. A simple conversation may greatly impact your bottom line.