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Professional Development for Teachers

We know that increased education, particularly amongst girls, pays off substantially. It has a profound impact on poverty and its affects in the developing world. Increased education decreases infant, maternal and child mortality rates, and fosters further education for the next generation of children. Increased education also improves quality of life indicators, particularly health, household income and productivity and reduces violence and armed conflict around the world. In fact, for each additional year a child receives education their family, income and community are substantially impacted.

Services in Action is working with an organization that is currently building a school in the Mazabuka District of Zambia. It is a primary school and will specifically target orphans and vulnerable children. They have hired three teachers who have received formal education at the government training colleges in Zambia. They have also secured funding for the curriculum and administrative supplies. However, they need to ensure the teachers have access to suitable and ongoing professional development resources. They are specifically looking for material on teaching practices, leadership, management and early childhood development.

To help them find these resources Services in Action is looking for assistance in two areas:

1. We are asking for material regarding the aforementioned subjects or any additional information that may be valuable to a primary school teacher;

2. We are seeking advice or direction on providing useful information, (particularly from anyone who has experience providing or creating professional development for teachers).

If you are interested in sharing your resources, many people would greatly benefit. For more information about this project or to send material, please contact us at