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Juliana Hayden-Nygren

Corporate Sponsorship,
Grant Research,
Grant Writing

Service Description

Telephone: 514-245-4749

A recent graduate of McGill University, I have worked on writing grants and sourcing corporate sponsorship for such organizations as the Canadian Arab Institute, Canadian Race Relations Foundation, and a European NGO, POSECO. I have been very successful in writing grants that align funders’ mandates with the applicants. I am passionate about promoting and sustaining the success of ethical businesses and NGOs, consequently, I always draft an actionable funding report for my employers.


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Services in Action

Grant Research

I am delighted to recommend Juliana Hayden-Nygren to employers. She is an excellent researcher and problem-solver. She brought a great deal of determination, focus, initiative, and enthusiasm every day to her work and was a true asset.

Juliana’s task was to identify funding opportunities within the European Commission. This was a difficult, complex project as there are many channels to explore and each is very opaque. Juliana exercised strong research skills and she succeeded in sourcing grants, as well as finding appropriate contacts within the bureaucratic mazes to clarify legal and financial requirements and POSECO’s eligibility. Her ability to decipher reams of fine print is impressive.

Juliana also demonstrated much personal initiative. She came up and expanded options for funding by identifying new potential partners for us. She drafted a clear, logical, well written report that captured her findings well and easily facilitates follow-up.

5 years ago

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