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What We’re Up To

A New Website for CARUWE, an organization run by women in Uganda and the DR Congo

Recently we were contacted by Community Action For Rural Women’s Empowerment (CARUWE), an organization founded by women, run by women, to support women in Uganda and the DR Congo. A new website wasCommunity Action for Rural Women's Empowerment Logo a the top of their wish list. They had out grown their previous one and wanted a refreshing, sophisticated website that would reflect their organization. And voilà,!
I created this website so CARUWE can tell their story, share their work, and connect with their community and supporters; which was easy to do, given just how innovative, well organized, and responsive CARUWE’s team is!
If you have not heard of CARUWE before, check out their website, they do incredible work. We hope you like it, CARUWE!!
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