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Current Needs

These are the current needs of our community,

Supporting The Aged Family Uganda

We are turning our attention to The Aged Family Uganda, ( an NGO in Kampala, Uganda. TAFU provides support for elderly people at home and in hospital.

Elderly people in Uganda receive little attention. Yet their role, especially grandmothers, is an essential part of the growth and wellbeing of the country. As HIV/AIDs has left many children without parents, it is grandmothers who step in to the caregiving role. It is TAFU’s mission to care for elderly people, check in on them, and advocate for the them.

In the April 2020, little was known about the spread of COVID. When Nataria Namusisi, 82, in the Nakulabye Kimwany town in Luweero came down with the flu, her family was concerned how this would affect them. Right away, her granddaughter Rose was brought home from school to help care for Nataria. Rose’s mother informed a family member of the illness, this family member also happened to be the Chair of the COVID task force.

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Building an Incinerator

We’re turning our attention to AFSCO and a project they have been asked to support. 

The African Friends Service Community, (AFSCO) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving their community. AFSCO is lead by Bampalana Mohammed. He has devoted his life to helping others, especially orphaned and vulnerable children. His Facebook feed tells the story of a passionate and endlessly caring person, with a few breathtaking photos of the Nile.

Recently, a local school asked AFSCO for help. They need an incinerator.

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School Supplies: Shalom for Africa seeks to improve the lives of people who are less privileged Check marksand voiceless in Uganda. They do this by providing scholarship funding, healthcare, home based care, and micro loans. Currently, they are looking for school supplies. If you have any of these items or know where we can find some, please let us know.

Sports Equipment: The Chibolya Education and Health Organization (CEHO) has built a great school for the children of Chibolya, Zambia. More than 250 children may now attend school in their area and have the opportunity to receive an education. The leaders of CEHO are always looking for new ways to reach and teach the children. Currently, they are looking for sports equipment. If you have any gently used items, please let us know.
Tuition: Clemency Uganda wants to support the children in their community to get the education they need to achieve their career goals. So, they are raising money to help pay their tuition. To learn more or get involved, check out the children’s profile by clicking here.
Funding for Health Education: The Erick Memorial Foundation for Education and Rehabilitation for Disabled, (EMFERD) is looking to launch an awareness campaign aimed at supporting the rights and dignity of people with disabilities in Morogoro, Tanzania. They are also looking for volunteers to help them with their income generating activities and other exciting programs
Funding for Vocational Training: SDKF Uganda offers support to disadvantaged children by providing education, vocational skills training, and farming in organic agriculture. They are currently in need of supplies and funds so they can offer a hair styling class for the young women in their community. Click here to learn more
Contact us if you can help with any of these items.