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Helping you help others, for free

An Information centre for nonprofits, established to help you help your community and the people you serve.

Who?We serve people who work in nonprofit, who are more and do more than their job description
What?We help you to grow, learn, serve your community, and do your work with excellence
Where?Right here, online
Why?Because nonprofit professionals have the capacity to change the world
When?Now, over time, and as it happens
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Services in Action supports Nonprofit Professionals in three ways, by providing resources for professional development, information and research so you can save time and still have all the answers, and by helping you define ideas and mentoring you through projects. For free.


Professional development is an important part of all livelihoods, and not always easy to navigate. Especially when there isn’t a line item in the budget. Here we provide information on how to access educational tools and supportive resources to help you grow as a nonprofit professional.

Here you’ll find book and podcast recommendations, software comparison charts, and other free resources.

Information and Research

You need to learn about something you don’t know anything about, understand, or just learned? Pass that over to us. Nonprofit professionals need to be experts in a range of topics as well as make decisions quickly and efficiently.

We can take on this task -find the best CRM solution, strategic planning program, fundraising software, and industry experts for you.

Project Mentoring

Turning an idea into a list of action items can be overwhelming. We can help you talk through your ideas and goals into actionable steps.

Contact us to talk or walk it out. This is a free service we offer, we don’t sell anything

News, Blogs, and Other Neat Information

Membership Spotlight:

Community Change and Transformation Initiative

Deo is passionate and works tirelessly for the community he serves.The role of COTI is to transform communities. For Deo it’s much more than that. He cannot turn away from a person in need.

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Is planning software right for your organization?

By planning software I’m specifically talking about digital services that helps with planning -strategic, project, daily, all of it

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Feature Story-

Miriam wants to change the future for the children in her care. She’ll do this through education, but the school needs a roof. Read Miriam’s story

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