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Organize & Organizability

Organize & Organizability is a program made up of six modules. Each module is made up of a video and worksheet to teach different elements to organizing information.

Organizing information is about cleaning up your files and folders in such a way that you always know where to store your documents, where to find your documents, and always being able to pull together the entire store of a project or event. You will no longer spend time searching for documents, wonder if it’s the version you’re looking for, or rewriting work.

This program is for anyone who has a desire to get organized and wants to do it in a way that is reflective of their needs, their work style, and their unique contribution. Although the principles of Organize and Organizability can be applied to any organized body, this course is specifically designed for nonprofit organizations.There are six sections –

  • Introduction
  • The Ambiguity of Clutter
  • The Organization and its Internal Information System
  • Business Function and its Design Flaw
  • The Filing System
  • Ongoing Maintenance

By the end of this program you will be able to organize your information system. All of your documents will be available to serve you whenever you call upon them:

Imagine, it’s 3pm and you just learned of a great grant opportunity that would be a perfect fit for your program. Only problem is the Letter of Introduction has to be submitted by 5:00pm. In minutes, you can find a recent letter, written for a similar type of grant proposal, find most current data to update the letter, and submit the letter with time to spare.

You will no longer search for files you think you had or wonder if you’re forgetting something. You will know where to look, know it’s the most recent version, with confidence.

This course has six modules where you will work through your nonprofit’s information system, your goals, the hold ups, and the challenges. Ultimately, you will end up with an information system that supports the work of your nonprofit, enhancing what you do and what you need to do.