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Community Spotlight

Clemency Uganda

For anyone who’s followed Services in Action long enough, you may remember Clemency Uganda.

We helped them with their sports program about 10 years ago. Since then, the team has grown and developed their programs and uplifted their community. They have reached a point now where they need a school. The purpose for building their own school is to uplift the educational experience for the children they serve, in a remote area, Busesa, Uganda.

They want the school to be clean, having washing facilities, have highly trained teachers, who are motivated and supported, and have a passion for teaching. And they want to create a space that fosters learning, curiosity, integrity, responsibility, and innovation.

They also want this school to shine a light on girls -on their growth, resourcefulness, and opportunities to build a successful future.

Building a school is an enormous undertaking. They need land, materials, plans for the classrooms, kitchen, dining area, washrooms, and a library, and these areas all need windows. A school needs a playground. They need construction workers. Then they need to fill the classrooms with furniture and supplies, with books, learning material, and teachers. Those teachers need supplies and resources. They need money.

A lot of this work has already been accomplished. What they need now, in order of priority is the following:

  • Construction of the well $1,193
  • Construction of a playground $2,913
  • Windows and doors for the classrooms $6,193
  • Construction of the washroom $4,872