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Feature Story- Barr Centre

Miriam wants to change the future for the children in her care. She’ll do this through education, but the school needs a roof. Read Miriam’s story

Barr Christian Vocational Centre has been part of our community since 2012. They are in Lira, northern Uganda; an area devastated by the Lord’s Resistance Army for 20 years. This area has very little in terms of educational opportunities and healthcare.

Miriam, along with 9 other community members, have dedicated themselves to caring for children in that area who have lost their parents to war and illness.

The purpose of Barr Centre is to carry out development activities to fight HIV/AIDS, support orphan and other vulnerable children, educate young girls, and promote human rights.

One of the ways Barr Centre accomplishes its purpose is by running a school so the children of this community can strive for a bright future and realize their potential. The physical structure of the school has been under construction for 8 years, since 2014. The construction of the school is at the mercy of donors.

Slowly, this building is coming together. Finally, they have reached the last phase of construction, the beams for the roof are in place, and the school is ready for a roof. To complete the roof, they need 145 Iron sheets, 180 bags of cement, 360 timbers, 3 metallic doors and, 21 metallic windows.

The cost of the roof this school is approximately $4,000.00.

Please consider giving to Miriam and the children in her care.