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Introducing the Service Review

We are very pleased to introduce our brand new Service Review.
We need to share information.

Help us build this into a robust information platform. If your nonprofit has hired a third-party service provider, post a review about your experience.

Reading reviews before purchasing a service or product is becoming a typical step we take before spending money. We can read reviews about almost anything. It’s about time nonprofit professionals are also able to read reviews before they spend their organization’s hard-earned, begged-for, blood-squeezed-from-stone money.

This new feature will allows users to search for consultants, vendors, and suppliers and read reviews and ratings posted by previous clients. Users will be able to find the help they are looking for quickly, efficiently, while mitigating as much risk as possible.

We’re always looking for new ways to help people in the nonprofit industry do their jobs well. The purpose of this feature is to allow nonprofit professionals search for suppliers, contractors, and vendors quickly and easily, and feel confident about the quality of work they can expect. So, before an employee takes a proposal for third party assistance to their board for approval they can have a preliminary level of assurance that their time and money won’t be wasted.

The Service Review allows users to search using keywords or browse through categories to find the third-party help they are looking for and read reviews posted by previous clients. Each profile will include the company name, location(s), service(s), contact information, and reviews.

To learn more, start searching, get listed, or write a review, click here.

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