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Make The Plan Readable And Usable

Step Three: Make The Plan Readable And Usable

  1. Identify the main areas of the plan
  2. In each area, highlight the main keywords or key goals
  3. Consider the action you will take regarding the keyword
  4. Place those keywords in a way that gives them context.
  5. Put pen (or marker, or mouse) to paper (or screen

Once you have a one-page document, go back to the strategic plan to check that all of the priorities and goals have been captured.

One year our plan became a tree with each branch representing different areas and sub areas. Another year the plan became a rainbow with concentric arches highlighting each area of growth. This year the plan is more geometric, there are six key blocks and two blocks in a sidebar.

The purpose of this format is to put the plan in a place that will be seen for frequently, reminding everyone of the key priorities and goals.

TIP: Canva is a great software service for creating graphics. There is a free version, an inexpensive pro version, and a nonprofit discount.