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Membership Spotlight

Community Change and Transformation Initiative

Community Change and Transformation Initiative is a nonprofit located in Kabale and Mgipi, Uganda. The mission of this organizaiton is to empower and inspire women to take an active role in sustainable development efforts aimed at alleviating poverty and reducing human suffering.

COTI has been part of our community for years. Deo Mbabazi Oburye the Director of this great organization is passionate and works tirelessly for the community he serves.

The role of COTI is to transform communities. For Deo it’s much more than that. He cannot turn away from a person in need.

While running incredible programs that will prepare a group of people for a prosperous future, he also searches for donations to pay for tuition and buy books for children and youth out of school. He buys supplies for new moms.

When COVID forced us into lockdown, Deo shared with me the struggles of his community. He spoke about the fear and isolation many of us felt, but he also spoke about the lack of food and financial insecurity that was affecting his community in ways many didn’t experience. Hearing his pleas, Services in Action raised funds and sent money for him to buy hand-washing supplies for each household in need.

Towards the end of 2021, Deo put a program together to teach young adults to become tailors. He bought sewing machines and material. Together they made reusable menstrual pads.

Early in 2022, 600 pads were distributed to 300 students just before a new school year began. Since then, hundreds more pads have been delivered to schools for distribution among the students.

Having adequate period products is a huge issue for menstruating people. This donation goes a long way towards keeping students in school.