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Information Management Webinar
The flow of information in a group or organization can overwhelm the best of us; it can clutter a cause, muddle a mind, and waste endless amounts of time. This webinar will explore how to manage key information hubs like email, online information sources, and digital and hard copy documents. You will be able to establish a system for information that flows in and out in a useable and retrievable way that prevents the loss of information, reduces redundancy, and supports good decision making.

Pile of paper Information Management

Records Management Webinar

Charitable organizations lose precious time searching for documents that have been improperly filed or inadvertently destroyed all the time.
Imagine a filing system that was replicated both electronically and in paper. The following presentation provides some tips on how to keep information for your organization. It also explains what your charity’s legal responsibilities are when it come to keeping financial records, donation information, Board of Directors meeting minutes, and where to go for the most current guidelines.

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