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information management

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Keep Up With All The Online Reading You Want To Do With This Simple Action

How we keep up with all of the information that gets sent our way?

Keeping up with everything you want to read is an insurmountable task. And so it should be, the more you read, the more you’re interested in.

How can you manage it all? When it comes to information being sent to you there are a few ways you can take control.

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Information Management: The flow of information in a group or organization can overwhelm the best of us; it can clutter a cause, muddle a mind, and waste endless amounts of time. This webinar will explore how to manage key information hubs like email, online information sources, and digital and hard copy documents. You will be able to establish a system for information that flows in and out in a useable and retrievable way that prevents the loss of information, reduces redundancy, and supports good decision making.

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