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Top 5 Podcasts for Nonprofit Professionals

Over the past year as life has changed, many of us have responded by taking up new hobbies and routines. I for one, have discovered the incredible world of podcasts and audiobooks. Although I have always had a keen interest in listening to stories, this new hobby has really gained momentum. I listen all the time, mostly while doing other chores such as cooking. 

I listen to a lot of podcasts for nonprofit professionals and how to do good better. While not all podcasts are created equal, here is my list of top choices:

Marketing Smarts: Each week the hosts interview a marketing expert. There aren’t too many technical tools offered, however, the conversations are very thoughtful and have helped me solve some problems. I have learned some very interesting things from this pod.

The Smart Communications Podcast: Each episode is fairly brief, but well executed. There is usually an interesting guest, something new being discussed, or a useful anecdote. It is definitely worth the time-investment.

The Successful Nonprofit: This show offers a broad range of topics related to running a nonprofit. Many times, I have been introduced to a new, significant idea to apply to something I have been working on.

The Small Nonprofit: This podcast is packed with technical tools to do good better. The host frequently talks through a new software, social medium, or situation and there are great lessons to learn.

Influencer Entrepreneur: This podcast has nothing to do with nonprofits. In fact, I have no idea how it came to me. However, it has provided me with more advice than all of the other podcasts. There is SO MUCH here regarding branding and communications, particularly if you are a small team. The host speaks to an audience of sole entrepreneurs (mainly food bloggers), so the conversation is frequently about reflecting on motives, passion, and goal setting. Whenever I listen to an episode and think “huh? This is definitely not for me.” The very next episode offers great advice; good enough to pause the show to write an idea down.

Do you have any great podcasts to suggest? Hit reply to this email and let me know. I’d be grateful!