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Making Sense of the Charitable Industry -Conclusion

For the past few weeks we have been exploring the charitable industry by looking at five key sectors, environment and animal welfare, community and social services, health and wellness, arts and culture, and international development. The purpose of this series was to clear up some of the industry’s murkiness to help you, the potential donor, volunteer, civil sector employee or sideline observer to understand what services exist, how to find relevant information, get involved in your community and participate in causes that are important to you.

To sum up this blog series, I would like to leave you with some great sources to learn more:

211 Canada
Charity Focus
Charity Intelligence
Volunteer Canada
Toronto Charity

Some upcoming events:

May Be Me, an awareness campaign to prevent violence against women and youth
Canada Running Series, a host for many charities, large and small
Julyna, a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society

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