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Support for Nonprofits

Survey time!

The open ended, tell-us-what-you”re-thinking kind.

Much of the resources we create come from nonprofit professionals asking us for help. I love getting questions like what is the best project management software? Or I want to start a charity; how do I begin? Or e need someone to take a second look at our website/fundraising plan/communication piece. Could you do that?

If you can have one thing to make your job easier, either just for today or overall, what would it be? What do you need help with?

Reply to this email, or send a message to me at or WhatsApp 1416-227-7775 telling me what problem you need solving.

2 thoughts on “Support for Nonprofits”

  1. I spend a lot of time building our brand but seem to come up short when it comes to engaging and connecting with anyone who visits. Can you help with this?

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